Of all the Philippine-based bands I am a fan of, I feel that Taken By Cars is the one that I am most familiar with. I got to know them through a colleague of mine, and for the last 2 years I’ve been going to their gigs and shouting “WEEKNIGHTS” like a god damn caveman every time they finish one song and start the next. 

I really think that their music has grown up a lot since their fist album “Endings”. There’s a bit more… oxygen in there. It’s opened up. Unafraid of getting durrrty. It’s getting into “unsafe” places for bands that play guitar-driven dance music: dancey beats building up to quick-fire marching climaxes for example, soaring and diving all at the same time. Gets you all fired up for some dramatic shit.

The words stem from an intimate and heartbreaking source. The first album, I feel, was about baring the vulnerable soul over the unforgiving, relentless bratatatat of a rhythm section. The new sound embraces this vulnerability, and invites others to revel in (and rebel with) it: making you conscious of the drama and then make you dance to it.

I can go on and list more reasons why their music is good even though I do not have the musical education necessary to be a critic nor do I possess the skill to be part of a band myself. I however, have gotten you to read this far so let me get to the point.

Taken By Cars’ performance at SXSW puts them at the frontline among hundreds of artists who will have a few minutes of stage time to bare their souls to the world. Music bloggers and writers will have their first TBC experience in their faces, just like how you and I have had them in Cubao X, Saguijo, Capone’s, and everywhere else. Genuine pinoy stories set to music will blast through speakers for the first time, live, on a major platform where musicians and music fans all over the world converge. 

For a few minutes they will know how it is to “miss my heartbeat for you”, or “throw your word around like child’s play”, and maybe just maybe sing their hearts out claiming “This is our city.”

This is our band right here. They who carry our stories in their music. 
And if as fans, or as music-lovers, we can fly them over to where they need to be, imagine what we can do to revive our own local music industry
from where each and every one of us is sitting right now, 
with a few clicks, with our own hands.

Support Taken By Cars’ performance at SXSW 2012. 
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